branding and strategy

branding and strategy

branding and strategy

Sometimes just figuring out what to do can be the hardest part! We cut through all the clutter and work with you to formalise, then implement a marketing strategy that suits your brand, your customers, your needs, and your budget.

Not having a strategy is like going into a major shopping centre on Christmas Eve without a list. You flounder around, get flustered, walk kilometres without stepping outside and come out with socks as gifts for everyone five minutes before the doors shut.

Reduce overwhelm through measured, sensible strategies.

We help you break down your projects, goals and aspirations for your business into bite-sized manageable pieces. We work with you to decide which marketing strategy is best for your business, your budget, and your sanity, then we work with you step-by-step on implementation.

Everything we do is done with your brand and your target market front of mind. And if you aren’t sure what your brand is, we’ll help you figure that out too.

we sort out your strategy (and make your brand sing)

we Can:

  • Review your existing marketing strategy
  • Write you a whole new strategy
  • Help you determine budgets and priorities
  • Review your branding, or work with you on new branding that really speaks to your target market
  • Implement your strategy for you, or help you implement it yourself.

these are standard:

  • Upfront quotes for strategies, parts of strategies or branding advice
  • Well-researched strategies that take into account your competitors, your target market, your budget and your goals
  • Easy-to-understand strategies without all the jargon
  • Action points that you can take away and implement.

We also offer:

  • Brainstorming sessions, if you just need someone to bounce ideas off
  • Coordination of all the people such as printers, graphic designers, staff – anyone who needs to be in the loop to make your strategy a success.


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