Rebranding – a rebirth or a slow death?


Undertaking a rebrand is a particular marketing activity that is almost impossible to reverse.  So if a company rebrands, they either are being very brave in recognising they need a bold change to survive, or it’s too late and they’re clutching at straws.   It’s worth having a closer look at a couple of recent … Read more

A review about reviews

A review about reviews

Back in the olden days, if you wanted an opinion about a product or service you would ask your friends. “Hey Bob, what’s that new Italian restaurant like?” “Pretty good.  They do a great carbonara.  You should check it out.” “OK thanks, I’ll do that.” And just like that, you’ve sought and received a review … Read more

Where’s the rest of it?

Where's the rest of it

I’d like to think I’m pretty savvy when it comes to supermarket shopping.  I shop around, I’m price sensitive, I’m not beholden to brands, and with a background in marketing I’ve seen all the tricks companies use to get my dollar.  There’s one tactic that, while perfectly valid as a marketing tool, just seems, well…a … Read more

Feeding the nerd…logo evolution

Logo evolution

Perhaps I should have written my thesis on logo evolution – it is such an interesting topic and can tell a fantastic story of the history of a company.  (Instead, my thesis was “A comparison on UN Peacekeeping operations pre and post-1990”. A topic for another day! …if you’re lucky…) I distinctly remember that the … Read more

Billboards! When you want to show the world who you are


Is there really any room for billboards in a modern-day marketing mix? Take a drive down any road and you’ll find that yes, indeed, the traditional billboard is alive and well. And not only billboards, but a whole range of outdoor advertising in all sorts of sizes on everything from bus stops to rubbish bins … Read more